Sweet Nothings EP

by Alex Steele

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released March 29, 2016

All songs written by The Dudikoffs. Additional backing vocals by Casey Guldberg. Recorded, mixed, and mastered at The Mouse House in Glendora, CA by Casey Guldberg. Photography by Marissa Mortati. Layout and art by Todd Smailes.

Special thanks: Casey, Marissa, Todd, Marty, Harry, Andy, Adrian, Eryn, Tim & VLHS, Turkish Techno, Gentlemen Prefer Blood, Rational Anthem, OldFriends, and Undercover Monsters.



all rights reserved


Alex Steele Riverside, California

Two minute songs about dumb things.

Alex - guitar/vocals
Danny - bass
Tom - drums

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Track Name: Sweet Nothings
Whispering sweet nothings in your ear while you’re lying next to me, I hope you don’t wake up because I don’t want to meet your dad again. Last time that he saw me he didn’t want to get to know me, he just threw me out and called the cops, I still don’t understand why you don’t tell them all we’re in love, was there something I didn’t say enough? Now we’ve got to do things my way, take a ride on down that highway, find a spot where we can spend eternity…like Romeo and Juliet, the end.
Track Name: Tonight
You say that it’s my fault I’m sleeping alone tonight, well I’m at the point where I don’t really care. You’ve been gone for so long, when you’re right next to me it’s like there’s always been some place that you’d rather be tonight. For too long I’ve wasted my time trying to make you happy when I should have known you’re happy being miserable. Days turned to months, turned to years, turned to shit, and when it’s all said and done we’ve got nothing left to show for it. Tonight, I’m sleeping with the peace of mind knowing you won’t be there when I open my eyes, yeah tonight, I’ll finally get some rest.
Track Name: Headache
My head is spinning 'cause I’ve got nothing to do, 'cause every time I think of things to do they’re things to do with you. You said “I love you still, I just don’t know if I will some 20 years down so let’s just call it off right now,” and now my brain is melting because you don’t make any sense, you pushed me down this fucking hill while you’re still sitting on the fence. You said “I needed a break, and I made a big mistake, but he don’t mean anything because you’re the only one for me,” and now I’m fighting back the words, because I don’t want you to hurt like the way I feel inside. I know I shouldn’t give a shit, I know that I should say something, but I can’t bring myself to make you cry. You’re a headache and I can’t stand you.
Track Name: The Worst
Added you on Facebook even though we’ve never met, figured you’d be cool we’ve got like 90 mutual friends. Took a chance, rolled the dice our tastes are similar, but it soon became apparent you’re the fucking worst. You say you’re looking for a deep and meaningful relationship, but OK Cupid’s arrow never seems to hit the target, because it’s always something, or it’s always someone, you’ve got every lame excuse under the sun, like “He’s a dick, she’s a bitch, LOLOLMAO!” Your friend’s like “OMG, totally! When will that poseur ever get a clue?” Then you’re all “IDK, amirite? LOLOLMAO!” Did you ever stop to think that the problem might be you? You can never catch a break because you’ve got all the shitty luck, and you’re in a shitty mood because you hate your shitty job. Everyone around you is the shittiest on Earth, maybe everyone around you knows that you’re the fucking worst. Spoiler alert, I really hope this hurts: You’re the worst. Your worse than Kony 2012 and his orphan slaves, every single movie by Michael Bay; the DMV and the dentist on consecutive afternoons. If Donny and Marie had an inbred kid, you’d be worse than that little shit; fresh squeezed lemon and some salt on an open wound. You’re worse than the curse of eternal life spent at thetanless Tom Cruise’s side; anatomic nipples on the Batman suit. Have I mentioned lately that you’re the worst? If I haven’t, listen, you’re the worst.
Track Name: Burrito Party
This one time my friend had a party at his place with all kinds of friends I don’t know. So many new faces I want to French kiss with, then I saw you standing there all alone teary-eyed, staring at your phone. You’re all alone tonight, boyfriend picked another fight, and you finally got the nerve to get up, pack up, say “Goodbye.” You still hear him laughing as you walked out that door, he says “I’m all you’ve got and you know you’ll be coming back for more.” You’re scared he might be right. I’ve got a genius plan to get you over him, we’re going to French until the sun comes up, have French toast, brush our teeth, then we’ll French kiss again. We’ll French kiss on the couch, then we’ll French kiss on the floor, going to French until you forget about him, or until our French kiss muscles are too sore…and you won’t forget this night! Remember when Danny saw and he got all jealous when he saw all the love in our eyes? We asked him to join us and that’s how it started: man on man on man action, Dudikoff burrito party time. Burrito party time, I’ll take some extra hot sauce on the side. Burrito party time, Tom got sour cream in my eye. Burrito party time, man on man on man.
Track Name: Danny's Shirt
Code Red, Amber Alert, someone kidnapped Danny’s shirt, and he’s scared he’s never gonna get to wear it again. There’s no reward just do what’s right, he stays up sobbing late at night, when he thinks of all the terrible things that might be happening. He likes to think it’ll be okay, that she’ll change her mind and bring it back someday. He’s lying to himself, he knows she never will. It all went down at Morgan’s Tavern Bar, skinny blonde girl in an old white car, last seen headed straight for Victorville.